Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i live with the moon ::

I met Rain online through Laura. She started following along on my fanpage for my photography and left me the most heartfelt comments and was always so encouraging to me. When we finally started chatting one to one on facebook I fell in love. Her soul is so pure and honest. Her words are like sweet honey dripping from her tongue. 

This savage season of the waxing moon, she tears me apart right now. Her keening darkness, light-edged and yet oh-so-dark, casts shadows on my “wild gypsy energy that refuses to be tamed,” as Marion Woodman puts it, and those shadows are the shape of my bones.

My darkness wakes with me. She isn't underworld darkness but otherworld, a womb-shaped mystery.  I didn't know it would happen like this, with my own awakening, and I’ve resisted going there until now. Things have changed so much this year and I feel raw and vulnerable, especially when I'm not sure I like or want what I see. Recently, in sacred heart-to-hearts, with shared secret messages and our campfire hair, we talked about vulnerability, my soul sisters and I. Talked about the Vulnerable Being, or sitting with discomfort and not trying to make it go away. Not answering pointed questions, not trying to make everyone feel better, not explaining. Not defending, debating, or smoothing over. Not running away, but Being in that vulnerable space of awkwardness, of tenderness and tension, of knowing something's not okay and letting it be anyway. And letting life happen.
I'm trying to do that with my darkness. To sit with her, to let her move gracefully about the earth of me. For me, not surrendering, not letting my dark waves rise and soak me means that I get bitchy and off-course and fidgety and distrusting. I want to push everyone out of my house and slam the door. I want to turn out all the lights except for the faint red glow from the tip of my incense, and soak myself in the dark. Sometimes that’s the best place to breathe. It feels like I’m watering my bones. A whole garden of them.
I watched this documentary again today, Dancing in the Flames, with Marion Woodman and Andrew Harvey. I cried all the way through. And I wrote their words in my journal:
M: It had those exaggerated poles, because of being a minister's daughter with a highly, highly developed spiritual yearning and on the other side, this wild gypsy energy that refused to be tamed.

A: And your whole life became, then, the search to honor both in their own terms, and to bring them together in a mystery of presence.

M: ... if the gypsy dies, I die. That energy has to be continually given the chance to speak, to dance; it has to be expressed or it is a killer. There's a rage in it.
That's what darkness means to me. And light, too. My life purpose is to embody them in a mystery of presence. I am the wild and free gypsy spirit who dances for her very life, who prays with her whole body, and who lays her bones along the edges of the moon.

rain ::
sacred becomes you.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Soulful Giveaway Winner

Laura and I have been having so much fun just us and the little gals. Here we are to announce the giveaway winner!

Congrats! Hope you are all having a great Monday and don't miss the guest posts this week! I'll be back soon to share a little sneak peak into the happenings over here. Can't wait to get my new camera and break it in for the new Bohemian Collective lookbook.

Peace and Love

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whirlwind and on the road again

So after a whirlwind of a Friday and Saturday: my camera broke during a photo shoot, got called to photograph a birth about 1 hour after the camera broke, had to pick up a friend's camera to borrow, headed to the birth center to hear the mom wasn't dilated that much, ran home to nurse the baby because she was beside herself and wouldn't take my pumped milk from a bottle for daddy, told the midwife to call me back if they needed me, got called back to hear that she was fully dilated (in the span of about 2 hours), rushed back to the birth center and got there 12 minutes after the baby was born, phew, yeah. I'm tired. But today I'm heading out to Texas to see my great friend Laura! I'm so so excited. We'll be shooting the new lookbook for The Bohemian Collective. I'm so thrilled to be able to contribute in one of the best ways I know how. And plus the camera breaking was a blessing in disguise. My husband and I were talking about how it was time to upgrade my camera soon anyways because it was probably on it's last leg, foreshadowing, and now I have a shiny new camera heading my way...well heading my way when I'll be at Laura's. We get to test it out and be super girly and excitable.

Here's a glimpse at what my old camera was doing.

So I will still be blogging while at Laura's here and there but I have some amazing guest posts lined up for you this week! You don't want to miss them. Super amazing girls full of heart and soul. Each post is beautiful and each post is so unique.

Tomorrow I'll be back, and I'm going to make Laura help, to announce the winner of the giveaway. If you haven't entered yet go check it out! It closes tonight at 11:59pm central time!

Peace and Love.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Motherload of Smoothies.

This smoothie. THIS. 

 I'd have to say this smoothie is my favorite out of any I've ever made. Something should be known about me though. I never really measure anything so trying to give anyone a recipe is generally an estimation. I can't be trusted to write a cookbook. This is a chocolate raspberry smoothie that is actually healthy. I never understood why people think healthy food can't be delicious because this smoothie is out of this world. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little but I love the chocolate raspberry combo.

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie
Makes one large smoothie
1 cup water kefir
1 banana (this time I didn't have any frozen)
2 tbsp whole flax, then ground
about 1 tbsp bee pollen, then ground
about 1 1/2 cups of frozen organic raspberries
1 tbsp Vitamineral Green powder
2 1/2 tbsp raw cacao powder
one big squeeze of local honey

Blend. Add more or less water kefir and honey as desired.

The water kefir gives it an effervescent quality that really adds to the smoothie. I won't go back to using regular water. Let me know if you try it and what you think.

Peace and Love.


Friday, July 27, 2012


These crystals I love and nurture. They love and nurture me back. I get giddy and excited when a thunderstorm rolls in. I gather up my stones and lovingly place them outside to cleanse and charge from the lightning. A gal I bought the big crystals from shook my hand for I was the first person she's heard that has done this. With my pregnancy necklace I made I did this. It gave me headaches for weeks until the charge wore off. In pregnancy you are already open and more sensitive to energies around you. I placed a bunch of different types of crystals around my neck, charged by lightning. No wonder I had headaches while wearing it. You could feel the power just holding it. The vibrations buzzing. If it's not the lightning I use to charge them, I use the full moon. My other power source. The blanket of light. The glow. The pull and guidance it gives. 

Look to the moon for your path. 
Be as powerful as the lightning.

Peace and Love.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I bring you a photo. A photo to soothe. A photo to feel. A photo of love. I've been lighting candles a lot lately. As a vigil for the world. A vigil for the lost. A vigil for love. So often we are running around without ever pausing to relax and think of the beauty around us. It's time for reflection. Find what makes you slow down and enjoy
Speaking of beauty. Rain knows how to stitch words together to create a magical world of her own. Her words move me and stir something deep within. You must read this post and to make it even more lovely, she's giving away a pair of earrings from my good friend Laura. Those two girls are gorgeous souls.

Peace and Love.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Doctor Mom

The girls and I are sick. Colds. I'm so grateful for having my essential oils on hand and for the help my friend and superior offers me with using them. I sell DōTERRA products because I wanted to be able to help others. I have so many friends that are constantly coming to me for advice with their illnesses and/or dilemmas. Yesterday my friend Jessica was asking me for help with her sore throat and she called me her own "personal witchdoctor." I'll take it. I asked my friend Amanda for some oil advice, like what to put on the girls. She gave me that advice, aka a list, plus then gave me what reflexology points to use as well. 

I've been sick more in the last 7 months since Penelope's birth than I have been in the last 2-3 years combined since I've had surgery to correct my deviated septum. Since I've really dug in doing soulwork the ailments have ramped up. My body is healing, emotionally. It's wearing the mess of my soulwork on the outside. Everything has to get jumbled, mixed up, broken down and purged. My soul is purging. My physical body is helping. Letting go of habits that I don't like or welcome into this new path. I will take these illnesses because oh, it's going to be beautiful when it all comes together again.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When life hands you lemons?

Yesterday was a hard day here. My patience was low, Leena's patience was low and I was exhausted. After a huge meltdown from Leena and she was finally able to calm down I got my Citrus Bliss oil from DōTERRA. I mixed it with some coconut oil and let Leena smell it and I smelled it as well. It's divine. Then I proceeded to rub it all over myself and Leena. We were walking orangesicles. Happy orangesicles.
 It helped me focus and clean as well. Cleaning and I don't get along. I am more motivated to clean lately though because my yearly spazoid freakout with wanting to move has come around again and we are seriously ready to move forward with it now. The last two years I've gone through a crazy, "I HATE THIS HOUSE AND WANT TO MOVE AND I WANT TO MOVE NOW" period but it was never really feasible. Now, it's time. We are ready to move to a house with more land. Land to grow a substantial amount of our food. Land to have chickens and farm animals for pets. Land to rescue animals and foster them till we find them forever homes. Land to have our daughters be able to roam and explore. Chase faeries and dragonflies. Land to spread our wings. So. This is happening. And I've never been more motivated to clean in my life.

Let's do this citrus bliss.

Peace and Love.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A giveaway to say thanks!

Thank you all for supporting me and encouraging me through this big change! I'm loving this new blog and feeling like I can just be me. I love sharing about my life without inhibition. I've definitely been working on speaking my truths and nurturing my voice. You have all been so wonderful and I love reading all your comments. I have been replying to your comments so make sure to check back. I love how much more personal and intimate this space feels. As a way to say thank you I'd like to do a giveaway. Items to nourish your soul.
A 10' strand of Tibetan Prayer Flags that were handmade in Nepal.
A set of crystals I handpicked for you. *Not these exact stones pictured. They will be intuitively picked once the winner is chosen.

A group of handpicked incense.

An organic, vegan medicine bag, handmade by me. I loved mine so much I made one to share.

How to enter:
First: You must be a follower of Gypsy Moth Sol.
Then to enter please comment with your favorite uplifting quote.
To get more entries:
Share on facebook (+1)
Share on your twitter (+1)
Share on your blog (+1)

Please leave all your entries in one comment. 
All entries will be put in a hat and then the winner will be drawn next Monday, July 30th and then announced announced later that day or Tuesday at the latest.
The giveaway closes at 11:59 central time on Sunday, July 28th.

Peace and Love.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Breathe. Exhale.

Hope you all are enjoying your day and taking time out to focus on centering and grounding yourselves. I'll be back tomorrow with a giveaway to say thank you for all your wonderful love and support you've given me during this transition period. 
Peace and Love.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Medicine Bag

I sewed this little medicine bag up for myself the other day. I have been wanting one as a way to carry a crystal/crystals with me during the day and/or little items that I find empowering from nature. I used some organic fabrics I had and then hand-stitched it together just putting it together in a way that naturally flowed. I am in love with this little bag.
Breaking it in.
From top: Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Citrine
When I put crystals in this bag I tend to just pick what captures my eye that morning. I rely on my intuitive knowledge to guide me towards what I need or will need that day.

Quartz: This crystal is a power house. It can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system. It also helps you attune to your spiritual purpose. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It also helps to unblock it. Your chakras LOVE quartz.
A fun tidbit I am going to try: It is a great energy saver. Attached to a fuel line in a car, a Quartz point reduces fuel consumption. Let's see if we can beef up my 40 hwy miles I already get on my Yaris.
 A note about the quartz shape, a point: A single crystal point is great in healing. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off. Pointed inward, it channels energy to the body.

Tiger's Eye: This one combines the earth energies with the sun's energies to create a high vibrational state. This makes this stone very grounded and helps draw spiritual energies to the earth. It has been used as a talisman against ill will and curses. It helps you differentiate between wishful thinking and what you really need and want. It can also help spacey people be more committed to their task when placed on the navel chakra. It's great at helping with resolving conflicts and heals issues with self worth, self-criticism and a block in creativity. (Speaking about creativity blocks, go check out this awesome post by Amy of Fate-Filled Times.) Tiger's Eye also helps to balance the yin-yang.

Citrine: This stone carries the power of the sun. It's a powerful cleanser and recharger. It never needs cleansing. It is extremely protective to the environment because of this. It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy. It is a good Aura protector and also helps cleanse the chakras, particularly the solar plexus and navel chakras. It is also good for activating the crown chakra to help open the intuition. It is good for enhancing individuality, encourages self expression and activates creativity along with improving motivation. All around it's just a joyful stone.

There is so much more information on all three of these crystals but I wanted to share some general information on them and parts I feel apply to why I chose them. I got my information from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I think this is a good starter guide and recommend it!

Peace and Love.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Amp up the love.

Sometimes something so horrible happens that it really throws off the energy in our world. I'm sure you have all heard about the shooting in Colorado that happened early this morning. I can feel the shift as the earth tries to bring us back down and ground us again. Today we will not spend it stuck inside. We will get out and dig our feet into the earth. Little bits of loving energy put back into the earth today. Go outside. Plant your butt on the ground and think happy thoughts. We could all really use it today.
My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families that were involved in the shooting and to everyone that had to bear witness to such violence.

Peace and Love.


Woodland by The Paper Kites
Run, Run
Don't Trail Behind
Keep Moving
The Beast Wont Stop Till We're Dead
All The Scrapes On Our Knees
Will Tell You Where We've Been
Where We Have Bled

Are We Placed High
In The Autumn Days

Wont Stop Moving Our Hips
Until The Day Is Done
We Wont Stop Running
Till We Reach The Sun

Chasing All The Things
That'll Keep Us Young
We Wont Stop Running Till We Reach The Sun

Ow We're Building A Home
With Some Mud And The Stones
And The Branches We Find

We're All Just Searching For Something
Bigger Than We're All Able To Find

Are We Placed
In The Autumn Days

Wont Stop Moving Our Hips
Until The Day Is Done
We Wont Stop Running
Till We Reach The Sun

We Are All Creatures Of The Sunlight
We're All Children Of The Day
We're Just Chasing What We Get

Wont Stop Moving Our Hips
Until The Day Is Done
We Wont Stop Running
Till We Reach The Sun

Peace and Love.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bee Charmer

Photo by me.
 For years I have been thinking about being a beekeeper. When I first brought it up to Joey, he thought I was batty. But then you-know-who became a hobbyist mead maker, aka HONEY wine, and he rethought my beekeeping plans. Hopefully by next year we will be able to move to a small farm where we can have animals and bees. I am not sure I want to try urban beekeeping where we live at. For now, I'm still just dreaming about the day I become a bee charmer. Bee inspired photos for you.
You better believe my colonies will be painted funky! Source.
Cut honeycomb I got on our trip to New Orleans. Um, YUM!
Two of my favorite things. Bees and mandalas. Check out this awesome store!
Gorgeous honeycomb ring by Roots and Feathers.

Ahhh, someday. The honeybee makes me happy. The other day, a bee came into our house and as Joey rolled up a workbook to smack it I stopped him and asked him to guide it outside. As a child when I got stung I was so upset because I knew when bees stung that it was a death sentence. One year my dad dressed me up as a honeybee for Halloween. However, my older sister was a flower and my oldest sister was a can of Raid. Tacky? Maybe but it was hilariously awesome.

 Peace and Love.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The "Not" Wedding

I got the honor of capturing memories for a facebook and now real life friend of mine. We've been chatting online for a few years now by meeting through, what we guess, a birthing group on facebook. I have a love/loathe relationship with that dang social media site. The great part about it is I get to share our lives with our family around the United States and keep in touch easier with my good friends. But, you all know how facebook can get. Joni told me about her plans to get "not" married in New Orleans and I offered to go out to photograph it for her. I really wanted to meet this gal that I've connected with for so long. I just wanted to share a few photos from that day. This was one of the cutest couples ever. You could tell how much they loved each other and um, hello! They were hilariously funny. Plus, the reception place was chosen by having the word "rum" in the name. My kind of people.

Congrats you two crazy kids!
Peace and Love.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"Wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking." -Antonio Machado
 Life is not straight lines or well marked paths. Life is about meandering. Wandering. Skipping. Falling. And trying. We can not fully live without experiencing heartaches and sorrow. If there were no heartaches or sorrow, there would be no true appreciation of the beauty we are blessed with.

The path to enlightenment is a windy one. Hit the ground running. Truly live.

Peace and Love.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Green Smoothie Praise

Some people have wondered about how I started with eating healthy. First I decided to go pescatarian. I only eat fish out of the "meats" and I'm trying to eat less so now. The next thing I started doing was green smoothies. This really propelled me into a healthier lifestyle all around. I recommend to anyone looking to start changing their lifestyle to start with this. Green Smoothies. After that things just may fall in place, like eating barely any, if at all any, processed foods. Baby steps get you far and before you know it you have clarity of mind and of body.

To make green smoothies, yes the fancy Vitamix or Blendtec blenders are great (can't wait till I can afford one of my own), but any blender will do. I mean, I've been using an Oster cheapo $25 blender for over 2 years for green smoothies (and I can get them smooth, it just take patience) but we've had it longer than that even!

Up until about 2 days ago my green smoothies consisted of water and a blender full of greens, spinach being the default green, blend blend blend till smooth then I would add my assorted fruits and add ins. I, however, got Vitamineral Green a couple days ago, a powder of dried and ground greens, for donating to the HoneyColony and am loving it so much!
It makes my blending so much quicker and easier. The powder is chalk full of so many more greens than I would normally get adding just spinach or a mixture of kale, spinach, swiss chard, etc.
Ignore the plastic straw. Someday I'll have a nifty glass one.
A recipe for you:
(Makes enough for two large glasses and then a kiddo size glass)
Approximately 3 cups of homemade water kefir, you can substitute for plain water as well
3 tsp freshly ground bee pollen
3 tbsp freshly ground flax seed
1 1/2 tbsp Vitamineral Green
1 frozen banana
approximately 1 cup frozen organic strawberries
approximately 3/4 cup frozen organic raspberries
1/4 an avocado (simply because it needed to be used.)
 A squirt of local honey

Blend until smooth.

The bee pollen and flax seed give it a yummy nutty flavor. The importance of grinding the flax seed fresh instead of buying pre-ground flax is because the omegas oxidize rather quickly so getting pre-ground flax you are missing out on a whole bunch of fantastic omegas. I just do my grinding in a cheap coffee grinder, which really is only used for spices. It was odd for a while when everything that came out of that grinder tasted like garam masala.

Eating healthy is not a diet. It's a way of life. I can't stress enough the importance of this. To have a clear mind, you need a clean body. When we put processed foods into our bodies we confuse it. It focuses solely on getting the crud out instead of the important parts of life. We feel foggy and tired. We feel overwhelmed and confused. 

Take care of your body and it will take care of your soul.

Peace and Love.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Excuse me, your soul is leaking.

Sometimes a photograph is so very telling of what is going on inside yourself. Sometimes you can capture something that was not intended and it is the most real photo of you at that time. I was trying to take photos of my crazy hair the other day and captured this.

It blew me away. My camera phone captured a piece of me not even I could imagine. This is the exact perfect way to describe myself right now. I'm piecing myself together and it's not even a conscious act. It's all coming together even if it's a bit messy at times. Life is beautiful. Messes are necessary.

I'm learning to give in to the journey. My thoughts are jumbled but make perfect sense.

Things that once drove me insane I'm at peace with. I find comfort in. I used to hate any drives over 30 minutes long. I was not a wanderer. I was not a traveler. Now, I can enjoy a drive and find the beauty all around me. We are so well provided for in the eye candy we get in this world. Our earth is constantly showing us her beauty. We just need to actually stop and enjoy. Listen.

I'm following your lead Mother Earth. 

Peace and Love.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A New Path

So here I am. Starting over in sense. A new direction. A new shiny blog for this new era of my life. First of all, I need to say thank you to my great friend, Laura Mazurek. She is responsible for this amazing design and for helping me take the leap in this new direction. (Sorry everyone, she doesn't normally do blog design. I lucked out!) This is my first "official" blog post as Gypsy Moth Sol and I am so excited to share more of my life with you all. 

As a thank you for seeing me through this big change, I'd like to offer you a little freebie. A digital download of a henna design I made for my mother blessing I had while pregnant with Penelope.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, friendship and love you share with me.

Peace and Love,

Color Relations

There's this strong connection I have with colors.
As it shows in my clothing, I feel so at home cloaked in color.
Basking in a kaleidoscope.

The couple years Joey and I lived in an apartment, with bare white walls, it nearly drove me insane.
Crawling under my skin was a bug to paint so greatly.
When we moved into our house we lived with tan/brown walls for a bit before I started covering the house in colors.
But along with the colors I chose: orange, purple, blue, seafoam, green, I also chose gray.
Give me all the colors under the sun but gray soothes me as well.
Gray like the thunderstorm rolling in.
The thunderstorm that we will sit at the window and watch.

Every color, even white, has a strong impact on me.

Bathe me in a rainbow.

Peace and Love.

Of The Spiritual

I find myself deep within a realm of change.
And exploring my spiritual self.

Growing up I was raised Baptist.
I was taught all I needed to know about the world.
So I thought.

I was always lost and conflicted.

As a kid I would lose myself in nature in a sense that contradicted what I was taught as a Baptist.
I felt attached to it in a magickal sense.
I felt like my thoughts could connect with the wind, like I could almost control it.

That was not okay with the teachings of Christianity. 
I buried those thoughts and feelings.
I lost a part of me.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago.
Leena's birth awakened parts of me I had long lost.

Slowly it started with the way I looked at childbirth.
Then it went on to the change I made in my eating habits.
I changed my lifestyle.
It snowballed and turned into this Spiritual Awakening.
My body was cleaned so my mind is clearing.

This year is the year to explore all these thoughts I've slowly been letting loose.
Penelope's birth has once again shook my core and I'm building up my new foundation.

Honoring my true self.
Honoring Gaia.

When people ask me what it is I believe in I give a short answer.
I believe in God.
I usually do not find myself divulging much farther than that.

God, as the Christians honor, I'm not so sure.

The earth is God.
God is not some supreme being giving us minds to rationalize and then telling us not to use that ability.

I've been so afraid to let it be known that I do not follow the God I was taught to follow as a child.
I've been worried that people will judge me as I've judged others in the past for the beliefs I now hold as truths.

I am no longer afraid.

I do not need saving.

 So, what am I?

I am not a religion.

I am me.
 Peace and Love.

I, in no way, find you or anyone else of the Christian following any less than I.
We all have our own paths and own personal truths.