Monday, July 16, 2012

My Green Smoothie Praise

Some people have wondered about how I started with eating healthy. First I decided to go pescatarian. I only eat fish out of the "meats" and I'm trying to eat less so now. The next thing I started doing was green smoothies. This really propelled me into a healthier lifestyle all around. I recommend to anyone looking to start changing their lifestyle to start with this. Green Smoothies. After that things just may fall in place, like eating barely any, if at all any, processed foods. Baby steps get you far and before you know it you have clarity of mind and of body.

To make green smoothies, yes the fancy Vitamix or Blendtec blenders are great (can't wait till I can afford one of my own), but any blender will do. I mean, I've been using an Oster cheapo $25 blender for over 2 years for green smoothies (and I can get them smooth, it just take patience) but we've had it longer than that even!

Up until about 2 days ago my green smoothies consisted of water and a blender full of greens, spinach being the default green, blend blend blend till smooth then I would add my assorted fruits and add ins. I, however, got Vitamineral Green a couple days ago, a powder of dried and ground greens, for donating to the HoneyColony and am loving it so much!
It makes my blending so much quicker and easier. The powder is chalk full of so many more greens than I would normally get adding just spinach or a mixture of kale, spinach, swiss chard, etc.
Ignore the plastic straw. Someday I'll have a nifty glass one.
A recipe for you:
(Makes enough for two large glasses and then a kiddo size glass)
Approximately 3 cups of homemade water kefir, you can substitute for plain water as well
3 tsp freshly ground bee pollen
3 tbsp freshly ground flax seed
1 1/2 tbsp Vitamineral Green
1 frozen banana
approximately 1 cup frozen organic strawberries
approximately 3/4 cup frozen organic raspberries
1/4 an avocado (simply because it needed to be used.)
 A squirt of local honey

Blend until smooth.

The bee pollen and flax seed give it a yummy nutty flavor. The importance of grinding the flax seed fresh instead of buying pre-ground flax is because the omegas oxidize rather quickly so getting pre-ground flax you are missing out on a whole bunch of fantastic omegas. I just do my grinding in a cheap coffee grinder, which really is only used for spices. It was odd for a while when everything that came out of that grinder tasted like garam masala.

Eating healthy is not a diet. It's a way of life. I can't stress enough the importance of this. To have a clear mind, you need a clean body. When we put processed foods into our bodies we confuse it. It focuses solely on getting the crud out instead of the important parts of life. We feel foggy and tired. We feel overwhelmed and confused. 

Take care of your body and it will take care of your soul.

Peace and Love.


  1. Replies
    1. I drank it all in about 10 minutes...or less.

  2. So delicious! I love my green smoothies. I've been using the Vega One powder (berry flavored). Super yum.

  3. it's nice to hear that a regular old blender will do! i keep thinking i need to save up for a vitamix...

    i've been more into juicing that making smoothies, but i know both are great and each have a different appeal.

    would love to read a post about the water kefir. very interested.

    Amy <3

    1. I will write a post about it soon! And yes! Regular blender, just blend a lot longer. :D


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