Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blue Moon

Marissa is such a sweet moon daughter. I love the respect she has for this celestial being and how she celebrates her in daily life. I asked her write about the blue moon to give a bit more understanding of the importance of this occurrence.

Hello everyone! It's Marissa from Moondaughter. I want to thank Katelyn for asking me to join her on her beautiful blog today! I am so happy to be here sharing with you all :) If you cannot already tell by my name, I love everything about the Moon. She is the closest Celestial being to our Earth, so I believe it is very important to honor Her in some way or form.

This August is a powerful Lunar month because we get to witness a Blue Moon! In modern times this means there are two Full Moons in one month. The first Full Moon is today, August 2nd, and the second Full Moon (the actual Blue Moon) will occur on August 31st!

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While researching, I also learned the ancient definition of the Blue Moon. It is when a season has four Full Moons instead of normally having three. The Blue Moon would be the third Full Moon out of the four. According to this definition, the Blue Moon would then occur on August 21, 2013! And this is how the phrase came to be, "Once in a Blue Moon," because they are not as common! Fascinating to say the least!

Regardless of which definition you go by, having two Full Moons in one month is powerful and magical. August energies will be high and buzzing, so I thought I would share with you today a way to capture some of that awesome Lunar energy by making Full Moon water!!

It is so so simple too. Simply get a clear glass jar or bowl (I prefer mason jars) and make sure you can cover it with a lid. You can add items, such as stones, beads, shells, jewelry (make sure the jewels are okay to soak in water), or whatever you wish to bless or charge with more energy. Fill the jar or bowl with spring water then cover with the lid. Once it is dark out, bring the water outside and let it soak in the moonlight for a couple hours. You could let it soak all night but make sure to bring it in before the sun comes up! It is also best to do it on a clear night, but Full Moon energy is powerful and still surrounds us even if it is overcast. You could even ask Luna to bless the water for healing or love or whatever your spirit needs at the moment.

I chose amethyst, moonstone, and rose quartz to place in my moonwater!
Once you bring in the Full Moon water, you can set it on your altar or in your sacred space and that's it! You have Full Moon water! You can use this water for your ritual work if you do any, to bless yourself or your animals, or your stones, use it during reiki sessions, meditation, or yoga, even drink it as tea or use it for cooking (if you did not put anything in it that would not be good for you to consume!).

And once August 31st comes around, you can recharge it for a double dose of Full Moon energy! Woohoo!

Thank you so much for reading about the Blue Moon with me, and I hope this helps you all on your own sacred journeys :) Thank you again, Katelyn for sharing your lovely space with me!

Love and Blue Moon Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

-- Love and Blessings, Marissa Moondaughter


  1. This is lovely! Thank you for this! What a beautiful life we have, where we get two full moons this month. mmmmmm.

    The last time I set out water I didn't bring it in before the sun came up. :(

    1. I wouldn't worry too much about the technicalities ;)

  2. I love the Moon, such a lovely part of our world <3 This has served as my friendly reminder to set me water out tonight, thanks! haha :)

  3. How cool! What a lovely post-Thanks!



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