Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Earth Living

While in Texas with Laura we got chatting about apothecaries and our mutual desire to have our own. Knowing I have a love for natural healing and knowing that I was on the path to this, Laura told me about this "Apothecary Circle" that she wanted to sign up for and asked if I would do it with her because she thought it would be nice for us to take this journey together. When she sent me the info for it I immediately found myself saying, "Yes yes YES!" This was the perfect time to finally dive head first into it instead of just putting it off till later. I was already in the process of starting to grow my own herbs/medicinal plants to use in my own tinctures and teas so this is PERFECT. 
If you are interested in this path I suggest you check out Laura Emily's listing for this class that starts in December, but even better, she has offered anyone who signed up in August the chance to be an affiliate. Which means I have a coupon code for you! If you use the code Herbs75 during checkout you get 15% off and I earn 15%. Plus, look at this amazing kit she gives out to the August sign ups!
 AUGUST Sign-ups
Those who sign up in the month of August, they will receive:
-a free master apothecary kit to start their home apothecaries. This kit include 15 bulk herbs, 5 earth clays, boston round bottles to create tinctures, organic beeswax, 3 resins (frankincense, myrrh, and copal) organic sweet almond oil, organic essential oils -including lavender, bergamot, and lemongrass-, Himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, organic celtic grey salt, Epsom salt, and more! Over $100 worth of materials! The Master Apothecary Kit will be mailed out in October.
-August sign-ups will automatically be enrolled in the Good Earth Living affiliate program to earn 15% commission on sales made with their individual code, including a press kit to ensure their success in earning commissions (members will NOT be asked to sell products- our affiliation program works purely on referrals). The Affiliate program is pretty new for Good Earth Living, and I am already sending out several hundred this month in commissions to sweet souls just like yourself, who merely posted about the shop on facebook.
-August signups throughout the year they will access a monthly one-on-one consultation with me, checking in and scripting out a game plan. Along with earning a certificate of training in Home Apothecary, August member sign ups will earn emphasis studies in Space-Clearing, Holistic Nutrition, and Detoxing. All Apothecary Circle members will have free access to all eBooks, eCourses, workshops and lessons throughout 2013.

Also, I have a nifty little affiliate button on the sidebar for you to come back to and access it easily. The code Herbs75 works for 15% everything in her shop!  Let me know if you sign up! 

Click here to visit Good Earth Living.

I think as we are holed up with the storm coming that this will be a perfect time to replant some calendula, echinacea and other healing plants in pots as a "rainy day" activity.

It's time us women healers harness our energies we have deep within.

*All photos are copyright of Laura Emily of Good Earth Living.

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  1. I'm so excited, I've signed up for this too... I can't wait until December!

  2. oooooooooh i signed up the other day and i am so excited about this! i am counting down the days until december!


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