Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This momma is booked. Full. And happy with the chaos of life right now. Besides editing gorgeous photos not only from the collective but also from a birth and maternity shoot, I am getting this house in shape. I've never been one for keeping organized but now it's past the point of wanting a clean house but NEEDING a clean house. My soul is screaming for space to explode all over the floors, walls, and mostly, all over these children of mine. We start full on homeschooling next Monday. It's time. I am getting this house Montessori/Waldorf and just plain homeschool ready. If any one has any great ideas to share for homeschooling in these styles (and unschooling) send them my way! 

There's so many ideas bouncing around this head of mine and starting to really personalize the studio has put the fire under my bum to go on with the rest of the house. We are planning on moving sometime hopefully in the next year but having a home is essential no matter where you reside. 

Note: Laura told me I was no longer allowed to use cell phone photos on my blog since I have such a nice camera now. Sorry Laura. ;)

 Peace and Love


  1. i love your updates. <3 and AHHH! that cute lil baby bum! *kiss kiss*

  2. Oooooooh have you seen the blog Play At Home Mom? Great ideas on there, they have a Facebook page too

  3. I know the MMS blog has a bit about this occasionally. Good luck, mama!
    xo bhrett

  4. ha ha, i didnt mean NEVER!!! just more of your real photos :)

    glad you are getting things organized around the home, you will feel so much better! sorry your work load is so heavy this week, but im glad its all good stuffs :)

    cant wait to see all the pics come alive together!!!


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