Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving Forward

I have a kitten asleep on my lap and although life is super hectic around here it's somehow completely calm. 

We have decided to move forward with buying a house and selling or getting our house ready to rent out. I found a house I liked a few weeks ago online but didn't show Joey. I figured it was out of our price range and just bad timing. He found the same house Sunday night and really liked it. We never agree on a house so I figured we should at least go look at it. I messaged the realtor to set up a showing and on Monday we were emailing about a time. There was an offer put in that morning on the house so she wanted us to come ASAP to look just in case, in case we wanted to fight till the death for it. We went hoping to find something wrong with it. Something that would show us it wasn't meant to be, that we needed to sit on our hands and ban internet surfing when it came to homes for a year. It didn't. And the offer that came in was rejected.

The offer was rejected.

Joey left there deflated because he was in love with it. Mad that he wanted to move forward with it. He said he did not want to try to get it however because he didn't want us to get our hopes up and then not be able to get it. I told him that I'd rather we try and get turned down for a legitimate reason than to never try at all. I'd rather stave off any "what ifs."

Here we are. Climbing out of the comfortable. Diving into the chaotic and exciting. 

And that kitty I mentioned?
Another change in this household. We had gotten a kitty earlier this year. It was bad timing and either Penelope happened to be allergic to it, or just conveniently got sick at the exact same time it entered the doors of our house. We had him for a couple days and then re-homed the little abandoned kitty. My friend was recently gifted a Balinese cat momma. She was pregnant. She had 7 little kitties. I may or may not have rubbed a kitty on Penelope's face to see if she'd have a reaction. Balinese kitties are supposed to be hypoallergenic but the kittens are not pure bred so we weren't sure. So far no reaction. This little guy is now a part of the family. We've named him Tesla, after Nikola Tesla of course. He had this mad scientist look to him and his tail reminded us of a Tesla Coil when he got mad at the dog. Joey wants to call him Skippyjon Jones.
Yeah, I see it. 

Peace and Love,


  1. Love it. Love kitties. Can't wait until I'm able to have my own one day. :)

  2. Kitten times go by so fast! But man is he precious! I love your blog! New Follower Here!


  3. i love cats, especially the ones that stay small forever. mine is still quite small. i think i got lucky, hopefully yours will too, cause there is nothing better than a kitten snuggle buddy. so precious, love her eyes! following!

  4. Oh he's beautiful, and i LOVE the name. Absolutely wonderful! :)


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