Sunday, September 30, 2012

A deeper meaning.

I hear you mother earth.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Wise
Keynote: Spiritual inspirations and hope.

Fireflies, often called lightning bugs, are magical symbols of inspiration and hope. They are the promise of accomplishment through hope and efforts. They remind us that we have laid the appropriate groundwork and from it will spring great reward. In the traditional tarot, they would be associated with the Star card.

Fireflies are small beetles that give off light, usually from the hind end. They may light up while flying or wile resting in vegetation. The blinking or flashing of the lights is performed for short periods, and each species has a distinct rhythm. For the most part, the flashing rhythm is performed to attract a mate, who responds with a corresponding rhythm. It is part of the mating ritual that will extend the life of the species. The males perform aerobatics, making light patterns that are answered by the females, each species producing its own characteristic recognition patterns. These patterns are remarkably precise. A male emits a pulse of light that, after an exact interval, is answered by a female of the same species. Only if the timing and response are correct will a male fly over to visit a female.

The larvae of the firefly are flattened, luminous, and segmented. They are usually called glow-worms. They are often a reminder of the inner star we are developing or the promise of the star that is on the horizon for us.

For those to whom the firefly appears, it is time to trust in your own rhythms--physical and spiritual. Our hopes will begin to manifest, and our ability o inspire will grow. Fireflies remind us that there are others who will respond to us and who are like us. They flash with similar creative rhythms. They will make their presence known soon, and they will make our life more creative and healthier.

Fireflies generate light without heat, a process of chemistry and physics that is still baffling to science. Whereas most electric bulbs waste 97% of their energy in heat, a firefly concentrates 90% of it's effort into light. The glow emerging from so tiny an animal is sufficient to read a printed page, reflecting wonderful opportunities to make the seemingly impossible a reality, inspiring wonders that will be flickering and manifesting around us.

When the firefly appears is a wonderful time to jot down all of those creative ideas that are flickering in our mind through this time. We needn't worry about what to do with them now, for just by taking them out of the mental realm, their creative force is released into our life and they will provide inspiration that will affect us for a long time in the future.

The firefly looks ordinary during the day, but by night they sparkle, flickering like a star. They hold the promise of accomplishing our goals. Spiritual gifts are awakening. We are on the right path, and there are strong spiritual forces around us. When fireflies appear, people begin to reassess their former opinions and perspectives. We begin to shine and sparkle. Opportunities to fulfill dreams, to inspire wonder, and to awaken greater hope will begin to flicker strongly within our life.

The firefly can indicate a variety of misjudgements or warn of their possibility, especially in dealing with those of the opposite sex. The female of one large predatory species has learned to mimic the female signals of a smaller species. When the eager males arrive, they are quickly eaten. It is important to be sure that those around us are not mimicking what is true rather than what we hope to hear. Or, we may be focusing upon the wrong path or perhaps we are working with the wrong people or socializing with a crowd that is not healthy for us. We may be letting others (through their negative opinions) prevent the success of our creative endeavors.

The firefly should also get us to take a look at our health habits, particularly at what we are eating. Adult fireflies eat very little. They have learned to generate and draw energy from around them for their purposes. It would be wise to examine what we are eating and how much because this affects our health and our spiritual creativity.

Remember that fireflies remind us that positive hope is a critical component to fulfillment and accomplishment.

Are we being pessimistic?
Are we holding on to a sense of hopelessness, that all is lost?
Are we trying to force movement along the wrong path?
Are we not acting upon our creative ideas or even acknowledging them?
Are we not taking advantage of the spiritual gifts available to us?
Are others misleading us, giving us false hopes and false inspirations? 

When we listen, the earth tells us what we need to hear. What has mother earth been trying to tell you lately?
Peace and Love.


  1. Lovely post, I've never looked much into the meaning of fireflies to be honest, so this was wonderfully informative.
    I wish I didn't live in a city so that I could see them more often.

  2. i love this post! beautiful!!! and fire flies make me think of my childhood.i dont see to many of them here in florida anymore.

  3. this is such a beautiful post, katelyn. i didn't know much about fireflies, and learning about their mating rituals and how the use energy and light is so fascinating to me. i'm equally fascinated with the seahorse, and how the males carry the babies. nature is so intuitive, we could all take a lesson from it. thank you for this lovely post.


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