Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Fashion Week: Day 4

 Today was spent really just making a mess. I had every intention of getting lots done. But then when I stopped and looked at what I had accomplished, I swear, all I did was move mess around and make a different sort of mess. Sigh. I know packing is a process and I can't wait to stop talking about it on here as I am sure you can't wait to stop hearing about it. On a productive note however, I did sprout sunflower seeds, make coconut milk flour, rock out some gluten free, vegan pancakes and realize my blender is now on it's way out. I can't wait till we can afford a vitamix but until that glorious day, (I swear, I will hear angels singing) we will just have to buy another cheapy blender and run it to DEATH.
 Outfit details:
Shirt: Dharma Trading Co., tie dyed by me
Skirt: Borrowed/stolen from my friend Jessica
Barefoot: All day long.

After taking these photos I smelled of Volkswagen. It is one of my favorite smells. Reminds me of my father, good memories. My husband's friend owned this bus and when he went to sell it he told Joey first because he knew how much I loved it. I used money from a photoshoot and Joey paid for the rest for my mother's day present this year. It doesn't run but one day it will. I will have to share photos of the outside of it. It will most likely look completely different once it's done because we will have to fix a lot of rusted out areas. So momma will be repainting the psychedelic swirls and maybe add flowers,  a unicorn and all sorts of hippie goodness.

delirious rhapsody

Peace and Love.


  1. I'm terrible about commenting lately, but i've got to drop in and tell you that every one of your fall fashion outfits has been BEAUTIFUL! of course, being gorgeous doesn't hurt :)
    xo bhrett

  2. I love the smell of my 1976 International Harvester Scout II :)
    You have the best outfits. You look like the most serene, interesting person. I love all the flow-iness and creativity.

  3. This outfit is perfect. Seriously. It is so comfortable-looking, and so beautiful. Though, I'm a sucker for tie-dye and long, flowy skirts ;)

  4. Your photos this week have been amazing :)

  5. I love that shirt...nice tie dying too!!!!


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-Mark Twain