Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Fashion Week: Day 5

Last year for Fall Fashion Week I wore this dress on the last day. Post pregnancy, it's still one of my favorites. Surprisingly for having 100 yards of fabric, so it seems, it does not make me look pregnant when I am not. At least I hope it doesn't. ;) 
 Outfit details:
Dress: Modcloth
Nursing Tank: Motherhood Maternity

I was actually able to get some photos of Leena. Lately she just wants nothing to do with the camera or just moves and moves and moves so every shot of her is blurry. I was so happy she wanted to jump in and was willing to let me take some photos of her.
 I checked her scalp and after a week or so of going, mostly, wheat free (we've had a couple slip ups) her scalp actually does look a bit better. I hope this is the cause of it so we don't have to test her for everything. I'm hoping in a couple more weeks it will show some improvement in her behavioral issues she's been displaying and she can have more control over her own body. She is such a little ray of sunshine so I can't imagine how it must feel to not have control over your body and be upset but not even know why or how to stop yourself.

Tomorrow I must wake at 4am to go watch Donna's kids while she's with a friend during labor. I better go to bed.

delirious rhapsody
Peace and Love.


  1. What a fun and beautiful dress. I love the pattern on reminds my of Liberty of London fabrics.

  2. that 3rd picture is to DIE FOR?!?!

  3. aw she adorable..she looks just like you! Beautiful outfit and this series!

  4. You don't look pregnant at all! You look like an absolute fantasy princess. I think this is my single favorite item of clothing I've seen all week (and I've seen a lot of inspiring, cute clothes, especially from you).
    You are seriously such an inspiration.
    Leena is so much bigger! And darling.

  5. It does not make you look pregnant. I LOVE that dress, it looks SO comfy!

  6. Love checking out your outfits for fashion week. Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar 50/50 ratio with water on your baby's scalp. I think it would help...

  7. this dress is beautiful! i love the happy colors, and it's sooo flattering. gorgeous, lady. gorgeous.

  8. that is a gorgeous dress! i love how flowy it is! and i hope you have found the culprit, too...poor little thing!

  9. Leena is such a beautiful little lady. That dress definitely does NOT make you look pregnant - it just looks bright, happy and flowy!


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