Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Fashion Week: Day 6

Honestly guys (gals), I don't know how I am even still awake. I went to bed last night around 10(ish) and Penelope then proceeded to wake every stinkin' hour to eat until I woke up at 4 to head over to Donna's to watch the kiddos for her. Come 3 pm I was crashing HARD. Luckily I had picked out my outfit last night. Thinking ahead people. Since I've started writing this post (which took 5 minutes or so to write) Penelope has already woken up once from just putting her down. I'm hoping she's going through a growth spurt or something of the sort where she will start sleeping better soon. I completely fell asleep nursing her just now to where this blog would have been left unposted. But then she slightly nipped me when unlatching. I never woke up so fast in my life.
Outfit details:
Hat: Some random mall store
Dress: Target
Sweater: Ebay but it's a Target brand
Tights: Target

One great thing about waking up early is I actually get to watch the sunrise. Once we move I am really going to make the effort to wake up before the sunrise most if not all mornings...Just, get more sleep before then each night.

Tomorrow is Joey's 25th birthday so we will be celebrating at Donna's with good friends and good food. He is rarely onshore for his birthday so I am really excited to spend his actual birthday with him. He's an amazing man. I'm pretty fond of him, I'm not going to lie.

delirious rhapsody

Peace and Love.



    and you still look stinkin adorbs for being so tired. xo

  2. you are so so gorgeous and I am in love with your photography :)

  3. Love love love that whole outfit. You are beautiful!

    Hope you get a nap soon!

  4. That is a great tights/shoes combo! I'm pining after those shoes a little bit too...

    Beautiful photo of the sunrise!


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