Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Fashion Week: Day 7

Tonight we celebrated. Joey is another year older and I love that man even more than I did the day I married him. Maybe not more. Differently. Yes. Love is ever evolving. And tonight, the man saved my shoe from mud disaster. That wins. But, I am so exhausted and I *drunk tripped into a hole. I think it's time to sleep. Tomorrow I will update properly but I wanted to share my outfit for Fall Fashion Week that I wore to celebrate my love. And Donna took my photos tonight for me. I simply edited them. She is awesome!
Outfit details:
Hair flower: Me, just a flower from Hobby Lobby glued to a clip.
Hair wrap: O Bella Organics
Necklace and woven wrap: Oh Sew Serendipitous
Shirt: Goodwill, I cut.
Dress: Gifted from a friend, sold by Modcloth at one point.

*I have only been "tipsy," never fully drunk. And that has happened only twice in my life.

delirious rhapsody
 Thank you thank you Deanna for hosting FFW! I quite enjoyed it!

Peace and Love.


  1. I love this outfit so much! The colors look vibrant with your lovely hair and skin

  2. your dress is wonderful!

    thanks for linking up this week. :)

  3. LOOK. AT. YOU. Dang girl, you look awesome! I love everything about this outfit.

  4. Thanks for joining in. I was so looking forward to your outfits and you absolutely delivered! You've got such an amazing style and you just OOOZE gorgeousness.


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