Wednesday, September 12, 2012

House Business

Hydrangea bush from the house we are buying. <3

We've been busy over here. Busy with photographing birthing babies. Busy with getting house business taken care of. Busy with living. We had our house inspection today and there was nothing major to make us not want to proceed with buying the house. We will meet with the realtor again in a couple days to talk over the inspection findings and make our list of requests for the seller. Sitting in that house while Joey walked around with the inspector just felt so peaceful. I finally felt at home. An empty house feels more at home than our current house. I'm ready to move forward. I'm a tad scared of becoming a landlord however when we start renting out the house we live in now. I'm feeling way too grown up at the current time. Leena and I sat on the fireplace hearth reading one of her books and it just felt so... right. Here's a walk through video I took on my phone. Sorry if it's nausea inducing. I started from the carport (side) door. And, I fixated for a while on a little tree frog that was on the bathroom window trying to get my phone to focus on it.
Peace and Love. 


  1. Wow it's so big and bright!!!!! I love it! Congrats darlin, I am so so so happy for you. Having just made a big move myself I know how pod that feels. Love a fresh start!

  2. Hmmmm my first attempt didn't seem to work, sorry if you get two....anyways CONGRATS! It is so big and bright I love it!!

  3. I am SO excited and proud for you!!! This is amazing!!! Welcome home! :P


  4. can i just tell you for the 100th time that im so frackin excited??????????????????? ahhhhh!!!


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