Saturday, October 13, 2012


This little gal. 10 months ago today, I was snuggling with my new little baby after a quick and furious labor. I learned to trust myself again. Know that I am capable and that I, no matter what, am a mother who will do anything for her children. I was renewed. These last 10 months have sure had their ups and downs. Trials. Tribulations. And all that jazz. This year has been one of the hardest lessons in learning to let go. But it's all been worth it and I feel Penelope's birth was a new catalyst to propel our family. Even though age 4 has been the hardest with Leena, we are closer than we ever have been. There are certain lessons I am still learning. Focusing on and tripping over. But they will not get the better of me. And can I just say how amazing my husband is? Every single step of the way, he is there for me. I am continually amazed by him and his acceptance and love. I thought I had pushed him with things like saying:
"When we get married, I know you don't like vegetables but you HAVE to eat them and eat them with a smile when we have kids."
"If the baby is a boy, we are not circumcising. I will fight you on that." 
"I don't want to vaccinate."
"I am going vegetarian." 
"After Leena's birth, I refuse to have a baby in the hospital ever again. Even if that means going unassisted."
"Would you encapsulate my placenta for me?"
"I am questioning my faith and think everything I ever knew is all wrong."

He stuck through it all. And now I find this man, who only ate cauliflower and corn, which isn't even a vegetable, having conversations with his mom about fluoride and it's link to Alzheimer.

Together, we've grown.

And together, we've had two beautiful girls.

Happy 10 months, baby girl.
Happy 4 1/2 years, Leena love.

Peace and Love.

*Yes, I realize that I sound ΓΌber controlling and well, bitchy.


  1. You're an awesome person! It is so refreshing to know you and how you will fight for what you believe.

    1. Fred, you are awesome! I am so glad I've gotten to meet you even if only virtually!

  2. this is so sweet! i say almost those exact same things to my honey about 1 day when we have kids...he just nods yes and knows not to argue :)

  3. Joey is awesome! Now I just need to learn your suave ways of persuasion with mine :) teach me when you come!

  4. Aw, what a wonderful man you have! And happy ten months to Penelope! She's a cutie :)

  5. What a post! Beautifully written! Learning, transitioning and growing within a family unit, how beautiful! My husband too stands by me as I change and we have grown so much together. The comment about flouride was so close to home! I chuckled about how we've had the same talks with our parents!

    1. Thanks! And glad I'm not the only one that sees the humor in the fluoride comment.


"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
-Mark Twain