Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grounding: Food

After I had Penelope, my dear friend Jessica brought us a feast. Lentil soup, roasted root vegetables and lots of other goodies. We feasted for days on the soup and veggies. We loved both so much we tried our hand at recreating them. They both are now staples in our house.

Roasted Root Vegetables.
2 yams
1 large beet or 2 smaller ones
2-3 carrots
5-6 small purple potatoes
3 sprigs fresh rosemary
2 heads of garlic, tops chopped off, still in paper however
A coating of olive oil
A sprinkle of Celtic grey salt or Himalayan pink salt
Fresh ground pepper to your liking
(Normally there is also one large onion but we did not have one this time.)

Chop all veggies close to the same general width. I love a good ole rustic chop but this time I sliced them. Mix them in a large glass baking dish. Tuck the whole garlic heads and sprigs of rosemary into the veggies. Top with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake at 350 degrees till the yams are soft and the beets have still a little bit of crunch to them. About 1 hour. You can stir part of the way through baking but really it's not necessary. The garlic can just be squeezed out of the paper when you go to eat it. 

Laura and I enjoyed this on the side of our dinner tonight and it's definitely comfort food for this momma. I believe Laura was a huge fan as well....considering she asked me how to make it so she can after I leave. She also found out that she's a lover of beets now that she's eaten them this way instead of the typical pickled, canned, not-so-tasty beets I'm sure most of us have had at some point in our lives.

Peace and Love.


  1. Sounds so delicious, I have to try this!

  2. CANNOT wait to try this! I loooove roasted veggies!!! Thanks for sharing sweets!

  3. Hey mama, love your blog & this looks SO tasty and perfect for the cold weather. I was also wondering if you were in the process of naturally dreading your hair? (Hopefully if you're not you don't take the question the wrong way, you and you're hair are lovely!) I am, and I think I'm looking for sisters on the journey wherever I go :)

    1. Yes! I am! Well, I let the back ones naturally dread on their own then I got impatient and rip and twisted the front ones in. I am not maintaining them however. They are all sorts of crazy!

  4. I am so inspired by your blog, every time I travel here!

    1. You are so sweet Heather! So glad you made this!

  5. I am so inspired by you, every time I travel here!

  6. this looks so amazingly warm and comforting. i can't wait to make it. thank you, friend.

  7. i want to eat this right now. i'm starving!


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