Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My 10 month old pees on a potty. ☆ Giveaway

At 3 days old we started Elimination Communication with Penelope. It's been going pretty well, up until we decided to move. Things have gotten hectic and I haven't been as in tune with Penelope's signals lately. I kept thinking to myself, "Once we move, I'll give EC my all again." I wasn't sure where to go with it or if it was even working. Then this morning I got an email from Andrea Olsen from EC Simplified where she is offering 50% off her book packages today only, until midnight. I took this as my sign to stop waiting for the move and to get back on track NOW. That way when we do move, it's smooth sailing. So what is EC? Here is a little video from Andrea to explain it better.

Today I feel much better and much more on track with this. It was as if I had to mentally acknowledge that I let it slide and then I could move forward and start fresh. I have caught a lot of Penelope's "movements" in the last 24 hours. Less laundry from washing cloth diapers is on the horizon again. I wanted to offer this freedom to another parent and their baby so I asked Andrea if I could purchase a gift certificate to give away here on the blog. She then graciously donated the "Plus Package" for me to give away to a parent ready to get started or ready to learn.

What you will win:
To read about all this more in depth go here. It's so many goodies!

How to enter:
You must first be a follower of my blog.
Then leave a comment below.
That's it!

This giveaway will close Tuesday, November 6th. Winner will be announced Wednesday, November 7th.
If you feel kind and generous, share with your friends too. Okay?

Peace and Love.


  1. Oh we went through the same thing here. I was really gaining some headway with ECing Ava and then our move came up and it just fell to the wayside. I would love to win this and start up again!

  2. I follow on gfc. Thanks for the chance.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Nice! I heard about EC when Eden was a wee one, but my family was kinda like "BLAAARGH!" about it so I gave up on the idea. I think at this point I don't care about their opinion in any way anymore and I'd love to try it with Ostara. She's already 7 months old, but a goodie kit like this will explain everything, I'm guessing!

    I'm glad that I saw this because I was thinking about this again just the other day.


  4. I follow via gfc. Expecting our 2nd baby next month and would love to do EC with this one!


  5. I love EC. It's so much harder with the second kid, though! I had my eye on this book earlier. Thanks for your honesty about it all!

  6. This sounds perfect, I would love to use elimination communication. I'm glad I saw your post, because I had not heard of ec before. Thanks for the information and chance to win.

  7. I did a little ec with my first and had her going by 18mo. I would love to do it sooner with my second but at times it seems a little hard and I don't know where to start, esp with being so much busier. And I'd like to show the doubting friends and family it is doable)

  8. I'm following you on Facebook! I have a nine month old, and we've dabbled in EC off and on but I haven't really been consistent about it. Would love to win this book!

  9. First of all, I can't remember how I found your blog giveaway (somebody somewhere linked it), but now I'm following you in Pinterest, Facebook, and added your blog to my Google reader. Love it!

    Second order of business - I <3 ec! I didn't know that was what it was called when we started, but I do love it. My little boy is four months old now and he loves peeing in the sink (easier for me than the toilet cause I don't gotta scrunch down as much!). But I feel like I am still bad at this - I am pretty good as far as timing goes (when he waked up ... after eating ... regular intervals) but I still "miss" so much!!! The faster I learn this business the better, not only so I can save on washing but because solid foods are coming in a few months and ... the less of THAT we have to clean, the better!!

    I am going to share this link on my Facebook page!!


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