Thursday, November 8, 2012

EC Simplified-Winner

Announcing a day late. I used yesterday to power through the last few photos I had to finish for the Bohemian Collective. And you all just wait, it's going to be amazing! I may be bias though. ;)
Thanks to everyone that entered the EC Simplified book giveaway and a HUGE thanks to Andrea for such a generous offer. Leena helped me choose the winner by picking the name out of the bowl. The winner is:
Please email me at and I will get you set up to receive the book and all that jazz.
To those of you that didn't win, if you are still interested in the book I am now an affiliate so feel free to use the link: or click the pretty little button over there under the affiliate section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

I listened to the audiobook while driving and cleaning around the house in a couple days and it has made me rethink our approach and we are definitely moving forward with EC with grace and a lot more kindness towards myself. I was getting myself down and PUTTING myself down whenever I would miss a pee or poo and that's not cool, Katelyn. Knock that off, right now! This momma is working even harder on her self love. Andrea really has put together a lovely book and her audiobook is superb. I love how she reads it and it definitely makes it enjoyable to listen to.

Peace and Love.

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